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"My balance, strength, spine and posture have greatly benefited from my treatments. I continue to enjoy flexibility improvements and restful sleep. It is my belief that theNE treatments bring greater relief to my rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. THANK YOU, DR FRANK!"

~ Michelle L.

"Dr.Frank and the staff at PFC offer me the best experience I've had in the world of chiropractic care. An established treatment plan, thorough adjustments, follow up exams and proven results coupled with the warm, friendly environment, welcoming smile from Oma Jean and endless positive energy from Mary make for a winning combination. As a hockey player and avid golfer, I maintain a competitive edge while improving my overall well being and health".

~ Kyle R.

"Thank You Dr Frank! Thru adjustments my overall health has improved, less colds and headaches. Best benefit of all, my bone density test shows I have increased bone in my spine. WOW!! New bone - it's like a new lease on life. Stronger today. Yahoo!!!"

~ Mary R.

"I can't say enough about the treatments I have received from Dr Frank for the past three years. My back does not hurt anymore, my spine in vertical again, and my neck is aligned to the proper curvature. I continue my visits to maintain the 'repaired me'. I believe that these adjustments contribute dramatically to my overall health".

~ Elmars B

It is such a pleasure to come through the doors at Dr. Frank’s.  The warm greeting everyone gives is a breath of fresh air away from the day to day grind.  The thing that comes to mind is one word FAMILY!!! We are hardly ever sick, unlike other people we know with kids that don’t see a chiropractor, they are always taking their kids to see a doctor. Thanks Dr. Frank.

~ Jimmy C. & family

I believe, like most people, we sought chiropractic help due to pain issues surrounding our lower back, legs and even shoulders.  We assumed that after a few adjustments we would be “fixed” and on our way!! However, through the education we received by Dr. Frank and his wonderful staff, we soon developed a whole new perspective on taking care of our ENTIRE self!  His style of chiropractic promotes health throughout the body – we are “healing” ourNElves and maintaining healthy organs, nerves, and muscles.
What we have gained in health through Dr. Frank is truly an amazing gift! We have been seeing him for several years now and there is no question in our minds about continuing to see him as part of our journey in achieving and maintaining our HEALTH!!!

~ Constance & Dave



8900 E Pinnacle Peak Rd | Suite E5 | NE corner of Pima & Pinnacle Peak | Scottsdale, AZ 85255
Ph (480) 563-5000 / Fx (480) 563-4693


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